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Forest Hills Youth Lacosse offers kids in grade 5/6 & 7/8 the option of playing on a higher level tournament team (TT). At the 3/4 and 5/6 level, this will be a separate team that will be comprised of kids from one or more house teams that will travel on weekends to tournaments around Michigan, and/or Indiana, and Illinois. This is a high level, a high competition travel team and you can expect to be playing on most weekends.

You must try out for the TT and the rosters will be limited to 18-21 kids. Due to the fact that this is a competitive team, equal playing time will not always be the case. We will do our best to try and be fair and equitable with the time given to each kid but at times circumstances will require that the coaches to coach for the win. 

As these kids enter the 7/8 level, both 7/8-Green and 7/8-White will have tournament play with 7/8-Green playing more frequently and in a higher bracket of play when able to do so. 7/8-Green will also compete in the Michigan Lacrosse League (MLL), a high-level lacrosse league playing the best talent from across the state.  Like the 5/6 TT, 7/8-Green is not an equal playing time team. We will again try and be as fair as possible but when necessary, coaches will do what they need to do to stay competitive in a game. 

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