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As a Forest Hills Youth Lacrosse Player, you are to understand that a high level of sportsmanship is expected from you at all times. You are expected to treat your coaches, fellow teammates, officials, opposing team players and coaches with respect and dignity.  We will not at any time tolerate talking back to coaches, parents or referees and doing so will likely earn you a seat on the bench.

Understand that unsportsmanlike misconduct such as taunting, the use of foul & abusive language, fighting, or flagrant unnecessary roughness is grounds for ejection from a game. Repeated offenses could result in your expulsion from Forest Hills Youth Lacrosse play for the rest of the year and all fees will be forfeited.

Consider it an honor to play the great game of lacrosse and understand every time you step on a field you are not only representing yourself but also your family, team, program and Forest Hills Central community as a whole.

As a player, you are expected to come to practices and games with the proper gear, on time, and open and willing to take instruction and do what is asked of by your coaches. As a player, it is important to understand that you do not always get to play where you "want" to play but rather where you are needed or best suited to play.

As a player, you must understand our coaches will never get on you for making a mental or physical mistake but do expect 110% from you everytime you step on a field. 



We ask that parents provide a positive role model for their children and refrain from directly engaging with ANY of the coaches, referees, opposing players or parents during a game. As coaches, we will speak on behalf of you and your kids when it is needed on the field. We are representing not only our team but also the program and the Forest Hills community at large.

If you have any issues, concerns or something you want to discuss related to your child, we ask that you catch a coach after games or reach out by phone or email.


For many of us Lacrosse is a new sport and one that was not played or offered like it is today. Due to the fact that most of never played it, many of the rules are also new to us. You can view the US Lacrosse official rules booklet HERE and beginners guide to terminology HERE

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