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All rules will be in accordance with Michigan Youth Lacrosse League standards unless
otherwise noted.
By participating in the event, all coaches, players and their guardians agree to the
waivers posted on the event website.

Playing time will consist of 2 twenty-three minute running halves with a three-minute
halftime. Each team will have one one-minute timeout per half. Clock does not stop
during timeouts. No timeouts in the last two minutes. Games will begin promptly on the
hour. By 5 minutes to the hour, ALL games must end. Any game still in progress shall
be stopped and the outcome registered as final. No overtime. Games tied at the end of
regulation will be considered a tie.

Please leave the field as soon as possible once your game has ended in order to allow
the next pair of teams time to take the field and start on time. Please keep the sidelines
and bench area clean and free of empty bottles, trash, or cups.

Penalty times will be assessed by the referees. The penalty clock will begin once play is
resumed as signaled by an official whistle. During the last 2 minutes of a game in which
there is a 1 goal differential or a tie, the clock will stop for a penalty.
Long poles are allowed at all youth levels (1st/2nd no long poles) and as long as they
do not exceed 72 inches (3rd/4th maximum 54”). A maximum of four “long poles” are
allowed on the field.
Advancement rules will be in place for 5th/6th and 7th/8th games. 4 seconds to clear
the crease, 20 seconds to midfield, 10 seconds to get a touch in the box.
There is a no stalling rule “keep it in the box” in the last two minutes of a game.
Please note that one-handed checks are not allowed in the State of Michigan all age groups.

3rd/4th and 1st/2nd Divisions will substitute players on a penalty (offending player gets
substituted by another teammate) until a team reaches five (5) penalties in a game.
(3rd/4th only) after 5 penalties a team will serve time for penalties and play man-down.
No man down for 1st/2nd.

Any player, fan or coach ejected from the game will be prohibited from appearing in
his/her team's next game. Decisions on the field will be the final ruling. No disputes will
be heard after the game.

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